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Monthly Distributor Highlight: Baker’s Mart

Introducing Baker’s Mart, our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in the United Arab Emirates and Oman area.

Since the year of inception in 2015, Baker’s Mart has strived to deliver high-quality Pastry and Bakery Ingredients, Tools, Bakeware, Packaging and Accessories. Today with a diversified product range and having reputable international brands partnering with us we are on a mission to expand our reach beyond the United Arab Emirates, across the GCC. We partner with companies of each scale to host a personal extension for their confectionary needs with the best foot forward. From home bakers to professionals, we cater to their needs under one roof - our portion of success combines with expert culinary knowledge, a wide range of products, and entrepreneurial skills of highly talented employees brings a perfect recipe to go for anyone and everyone.

We believe in quality and building relationships.


Our mission is to bring high-quality baking needs available to every genre of baker and pâtissier in the market with ease of availability and affordability.


To bring awareness of the ease of baking and sweet art, to be recognized and be a trusted baking partner for everyone in the industry.


At Baker’s Mart, we have several options for a baker or pâtissier to proceed:

Add to cart from our E-Commerce site, add to the basket at our retail stores with a wide range of products being displayed with free tastings and B2B contracts where we have developed an advanced supply chain management for ad-hoc order processing and deliveries to the Horeca segment, on time.

Previous Promotion done for Pâtissier Chocolate:

Why Pâtissier Chocolate?

"It was early 2019 when we first met Mr. Jacques Poulain who introduced us to the wonderful world of Pâtissier by Aalst Chocolate in Singapore. We immediately fell in love with the quality and variety of products thus decided to be the best partner for them in the UAE market. We have always been attracted by the chocolate industry and never found the right company till Pâtissier Chocolate become part of our “family” as one of the most reliable and quality partner brands we are proud to represent. It has been a short relationship so far but we have seen the growth of the business and immediate positive response in the market for products of Pâtissier Chocolate and this is giving us much more confidence in the right path we are taking along with them. We are now a reliable player in the UAE chocolate market and thanks to the continually evolving and development of Pâtissier Chocolate's portfolio, now even more oriented to the usage of sustainable and premium ingredients, we are aiming to increase our share in the market."


Visit our store at: Shop No. 10, Commercial Muwellah, Sharjah – UAE.

Or contact us at:

Tel:+971 6 5399335

Whatsapp/Mobile: +971 50 136 2216

Instagram: @bakersmartme

Facebook: @bakersmartme

Website & E-commerce: (live soon!)


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