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Chocolate Lesson 101 – Categories of Chocolate

Chocolate is divided into two distinct categories: real chocolate and compound chocolate. Both real chocolate and compound chocolate are chocolate - the difference is the type of lipid (fat) used in the production of the product.

Real Chocolate Real chocolate contains cocoa butter which is extracted from cocoa bean. Real chocolate requires tempering because of the nature of cocoa butter. This process re-establishes the cocoa butter crystals, giving the cooled and finished chocolate the proper sheen, snap and taste. Furthermore, tempering prevents bloom, ensuring that cocoa butter will not separate from the cocoa solids and turning the chocolate whitish or grayish in colour.

Real chocolate is subdivided into three categories based on the quality of the product (quality of the cocoa beans) and most importantly, the cocoa butter content:

Regular Chocolate Regular chocolate is sweetened with sugar and is generally made from moderate quality cocoa beans. It has a very low cocoa butter content and a high viscosity (thickness when in a melted state).

Couverture Chocolate Couverture Chocolate refers to the finest professional quality chocolate. It is produced with a high percentage of cocoa butter and uses premium cacao beans. It melts smoothly, making it ideal for specialty candy making and molding. When tempered and cooled, it forms an elegant glossy finish.

Ultra-Couverture Chocolate This chocolate is equal in quality to couverture chocolate, but with an even higher cocoa butter content. Ultra-Couverture Chocolate is the perfect chocolate for dipping and enrobing as compared to other chocolate due to the higher cocoa butter content and low viscosity. Producing such chocolate is extremely difficult to balance the high cocoa butter content while retaining superb taste and texture. When tempered and cooled, it forms a thin and elegant glossy shell.

Compound Compound contains vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter and tempering is not required. Most people uses compound due to its ease of use and lower price.

With the advancement in current technologies and adding cocoa butter replacements, you are able to create a compound with the same characteristic and applications of couverture chocolate. Quality is still being sacrificed since no tempering is required.

For those who hold themselves to the highest standard of culinary artistry, this range offers the superb quality expert chefs demand to create the absolute taste sensation. Containing pure cocoa butter, ranging from strong, full bodied cocoa note to mid-range savor, the richness of Artisan chocolate offers precision to design the highly specific flavors and textures that impress and delight.

The Gourmand range is designed to offer ease and flexibility for the most inspired baker. Praised for its simple yet versatile composition, the Gourmand’s compound chocolates are easy to temper, fit for wide applications and possess longer shelf lives.

Its assorted range of textures and viscosity helps busy professionals like you save time so that the most delectable desserts and divine confections are created spontaneously.

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