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Pâtissier Chocolate Workshop For La Creation (Taiwan)

We have the pleasure of hosting guests from our Taiwan Pâtissier distributor La Creation Taiwan for a two-day Pâtissier chocolate workshop - Think Pastry conducted by our Guest Patissier Pastry Chef, Pastry World Champion (Lyon, 2001), Chef Michel Willaume on 11st and 12nd March 2019 in our office.

During this workshop, Chef Michel Willaume gave an insightful lesson on the difference between chocolate and compound and their different applications. Our guests were able to follow the class and incorporated Pâtissier chocolates into various desserts for a buffet presentation.

This workshop highlighted the ongoing bond between Aalst Chocolate and our distributors as we interact and share knowledge which is a key to every successful partnership. We hope that this workshop was an insightful and enriching experience for our guests!

We also brought the group to Batu Pahat Cocoa Farms and JB Cocoa on 13th March 2019. This day trip allow the group to see how cocoa pods and beans are harvested and also the grinding processes.

Below are some highlights of the workshop:

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