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Inauguration of the new Pâtissier Chocolate Academy.

The team of Pâtissier was delighted to welcome guests for the inauguration of our new Chocolate Academy on 19 June 2017. The new academy is specially designed and equipped with state-of-the art equipment to allow our team of Chefs to conduct chocolate classes for our distinct distributors in the future

Our team of Chefs prepared an exquisite dessert buffet using Pâtissier's range of chocolate and couverture with different techniques and applications for this event. Guests were able to taste the creations and be assured of the quality of Pâtissier chocolate.

Guests were also given the exclusive behind-the-scenes guided factory tour through all our production areas from liquid line to moulding line and the sensory room in our Research & Development area.

We also took the opportunity to announce Classic Fine Foods as our exclusive distributor for Patisser in Singapore. They offers a wealth of experience in the Food Service industry as well as proven track records.

It was a successful launch to increase awareness of our product range in Singapore! We look forward in building a deeper bond with Classic Fine Foods and continuously increase the high standard of service that Pâtissier offers its customers!

Below are some highlights of the event:

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