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Happy Father's Day: Lemon Chocolate Brownie Cake

Enjoy the Lemon Chocolate Brownie Cake, a clash of flavours of tangy lemon mousse with the rich dark chocolate brownie this June, specially crafted for all fathers in appreciation of their hardwork and commitments to families all year round.

A humble dedication of special treat to Fathers:

1. Bake Brownie Mixture at 170°C for 20 - 30 minutes using cake rings.

Chocolate Brownie fresh from the oven!

2. Folding Lemon Curd and Lemon Zest into Italian Meringue

Making of Lemon Mousse

3. Layering of the brownie cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Use a piping bag for the Dark Chocolate Ganache

4. Final Step - Moulding of cake

Our In-house Chef, Ian carefully spreading the Lemon Mousse into Mould

The Final Product: Lemon Chocolate Brownie Cake

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