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Monthly Distributor Highlight: Classic Fine Foods Vietnam

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Introducing Classic Fine Foods Vietnam ,our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in Vietnam.


We are the only fine foods specialist to operate in different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Our mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style. Through close partnerships with our selected suppliers, we deliver on demand, the highest quality of ambient, fresh and frozen products to the best restaurants, hotels and pastry shops as well as supplying the most prestigious department stores and gourmet food outlets.

We have been launching recently Classic Deli e-commerce platform, which is targeting to end-consumers, we want to bring the best quality products to private customers in the most convenient and professional way with our quality deliveries.


The Classic Fine Foods Company was registered in 2000 and began its commercial activity in 2001 buying the companies that formed the Olivier group.

Operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, Olivier was the first company to develop an Asian network of fine food import and distribution companies, answering the needs of foreign restaurants expanding into Asia and the needs of local chefs looking for high quality ingredients from Europe.

Since then, Classic Fine Foods has continued its expansion across Asia with the opening of subsidiaries in the Philippines in 2002, Vietnam in 2005, Indonesia in 2007, Macau in 2008 and China in 2012.

Expansion into Europe started with the UK in 2004 and France in 2005. Classic Fine Foods also targeted the Middle East opening Classic Fine Foods Dubai in 2006.

The vision of Classic Fine Foods was to develop such a network of subsidiaries across the globe that it would become the only Fine Foods company able to support and supply chefs with the products they needed as their careers took them from country to country throughout the world.

Classic Fine Foods was bought by Metro in 2015, the leading international specialist in wholesale. Metro operates in 35 countries and employs more than 150,000 people worldwide.

Classic Fine Foods’ success is based on the team’s finely honed spirit of entrepreneurship and the very close relationships it forms with customers and suppliers all over the world.


We work hard at sourcing great value, innovative and artisan products to meet our customers’ needs.

We partner with brands and businesses that are as passionate about food as we are and who provide exceptional, unique gourmet products, from local gastronomic jewels to rare and seasonal offerings.

We aim to enhance every cooking and dining experience with products such as Caviar, Truffles, Smoked Salmon, Beef, Bellota Iberico Ham, Grand Chocolates, Vanilla, Fruit Purees, Pastry Decoration, Fine Dining Water, Tea and more.

Why Pâtissier Chocolate?

We choose Pâtissier Chocolate for the knowledge and advice from their team, especially with Jacques Poulain and his great support for the development of our market. The quality and the price of the Pâtissier Chocolate range allow us in Vietnam to have an amazing brand who fit perfectly into our portfolio. This is the best quality chocolate into this price range on our market. It allow us to compete well with local chocolate brands as Vietnam is also a country who produce chocolate.

Past Events:

Pâtissier Chocolate Demonstration in Vietnam 2018


3 branches at Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Danang.

Ho Chi Minh Address: Lot Vb.17b-19-21a, Street 22A, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, HCM City

Tel: (84) 028 37407104

Since 6/2020, we launch e-commerce platform Classic Deli (, sell to private customers. Classic Deli was launched in response to COVID-19 and the websites were opened in record time. With new products added every week and developments implemented to make the website even more performant, Classic Deli is today a growing part of CFF’s business.

Monthly Distributor Chef Highlight: Chef Matthieu Lagarrigue

  • What was your background and journey of growth?

The journey started with my parents' bakery, it was where I discovered my passion in helping them during my free time, later I been to pastry school for 3years to master the art of bread, cakes, chocolate, and confectionery. Once graduated, I have been to work in many places around the country for learning as much as possible from the different chef before opening my pastry shop in south of France.

In 2015 I arrived in Vietnam as a Pastry Chef instructor (with over 15 years of experience in this field), then seeing potential in Vietnam I opened a company in 2017 named C’est Bon Bakery focusing on the production of bread, cakes, and chocolate.

  • Why did you choose to use Pâtissier Chocolate?

It has been a logical move for me in choosing Patissier Chocolate since this range match most of the needs in our daily production. Patissier has a wide choice of the chocolate blend but also single origins if we need some specific chocolate flavor for our creations. It’s also a regional producer (more eco-friendly). Also, I don’t know if we can say it but the price matches the market.

  • Recipe: Lemongrass Bonbons with Pâtissier Chocolate


Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Milk 36% Chocolate 180g

Whipping Cream 35% Fat 65g

Dry Butter 15g

Inverted Sugar 24g

Sorbitol 6g

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Cocoa Butter 20g

Lemon Grass (fresh) 40g

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Dark 64% Couverture 300g


1. Take a pot and pour in the Whipping Cream.

2. Clean the fresh Lemon Grass, cut it in big cube and mix with the whipping cream. Cover the pot then let it infuse for 12 hours in fridge (cold brew).

3. Next, use a filter to remove the lemongrass, then add additional whipping cream to get back the weight of cream needed.

4. Add the Inverted Sugar, Sorbitol and Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Cocoa Butter to the whipping cream, put on a induction heater and heat it up to maximum 90*C.

5. Take another bowl and melt Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Milk 36% Chocolate before pour over the whipping cream (3 to 4 times to create an emulsion (ganache)).

6. Once the ganache is ready, cool it down to 35*C then add the dry Butter, use a hand mixer for finalize the mix.

7. Pour the ganache in a mould and let it rest for 12 hours.

8. Cut the ganache in cube of 3x3cm and coat them with Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Dark 64% Couverture.

  • What is your inspiration behind creating the above recipe?

Trying to use the product for the product (local one as much as possible) and to follow the seasons, I will say my inspiration comes from nature.

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