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Successful First Show in SIRHA 2019

Pâtissier is proud to participate in our first SIRHA 2019 tradeshow, held from 26 to 30 January 2019 at Eurexpo, Lyon, France. During the exhibition, we showcased our new Pâtissier Product range from Single Origin to Chocolatier to Concentrate to Praline Paste and also Finished Chocolate Decoration Products.

To commemorate the event, our Guest Pastry Chef, Chef Gerald Maridet created several recipe using our fine range of chocolates while our Vice President of Food Service & Corporate Chef, Chef Jacques Poulain shared an in-depth introduction to our Artisan and Gourmand range.

Visitors were able to interact with our committed and experienced team, catch our live chocolate demonstration and taste our chocolates before and after applying into the recipes.

Once again, we thank all visitors for investing time to grace our booth with your presence, making our exhibition at SIRHA 2019 a great success.

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