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Pâtissier Chocolate Showcase in Saudi Horeca alongside Salon Du Chocolat at Saudi Arabia

In partnership with our distributor Ahmad A Abed (AAA) Trading Est (Bakemate), we showcased our range of Pâtissier Chocolate products in Saudi Horeca alongside Salon Du Chocolate which was held from 7th to the 9th Feb 2023 at the Jeddah Superdome. The first edition of Saudi HORECA Jeddah was an exciting one - spreading across 11,000 square meters of exhibition space.

The world-famous event - Salon du Chocolat showcased the best in chocolate and confectionery, as well as local items like dates and Arabic sweets, and also featured a whole host of activities that celebrate the sweeter side of life, including a chocolate fashion show, demonstrations, workshops and chocolate-inspired competitions. This increase traffic flow for the whole exhibition.

We received great interest and positive feedback from the exhibition guests as they were able to taste our samples, understand the different applications and be assured of the quality of Pâtissier chocolates. A big thank you to Ahmad A Abed (AAA) Trading Est (Bakemate) for assisting us and also the guests who came by our booth.

Below are some highlights of the event:

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