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Pâtissier Chocolate Demonstrations In Thailand (April 2023)

The partnership between KCG Corporation and us has proven to be a successful collaboration, as evidenced by the recent activities held in Thailand. From private demonstrations to hands-on workshops, customers were able to experience the difference between Pâtissier Chocolate product ranges and other chocolate brands in the market.

The easy-to-follow recipes provided a great solution for Secret Recipe stores, while the participants of the Chuan Chom Bakery workshop were able to enhance their baking skills and bring home their own cakes. The in-depth training provided by our Chef Ian Wong at CBA bakery allowed guests to understand the different applications of Pâtissier Chocolate ranges and learn how to make a basic whole cake. The positive feedback received from the guests is a testament to the success of these events.

With the support of KCG and the dedication of their team, it is clear that we are making a significant impact in the Food Service Industry of Thailand.

Here are some highlights of the events:

20 April 2023 - Private Demonstration for Secret Recipe Team

22 April 2023 - Hands-on workshop at Chuan Chom Bakery Studio

23 April 2023 - Demonstration at CBA Bakery

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