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Monthly July Distributor Highlight: Classic Fine Foods Vietnam

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Introducing Classic Fine Foods Vietnam ,our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in Vietnam.


We are the only fine foods specialist to operate in different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Our mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style. Through close partnerships with our selected suppliers, we deliver on demand, the highest quality of ambient, fresh and frozen products to the best restaurants, hotels and pastry shops as well as supplying the most prestigious department stores and gourmet food outlets.

We have been launching recently Classic Deli e-commerce platform, which is targeting to end-consumers, we want to bring the best quality products to private customers in the most convenient and professional way with our quality deliveries.


The Classic Fine Foods Company was registered in 2000 and began its commercial activity in 2001 buying the companies that formed the Olivier group.

Operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, Olivier was the first company to develop an Asian network of fine food import and distribution companies, answering the needs of foreign restaurants expanding into Asia and the needs of local chefs looking for high quality ingredients from Europe.

Since then, Classic Fine Foods has continued its expansion across Asia with the opening of subsidiaries in the Philippines in 2002, Vietnam in 2005, Indonesia in 2007, Macau in 2008 and China in 2012.

Expansion into Europe started with the UK in 2004 and France in 2005. Classic Fine Foods also targeted the Middle East opening Classic Fine Foods Dubai in 2006.

The vision of Classic Fine Foods was to develop such a network of subsidiaries across the globe that it would become the only Fine Foods company able to support and supply chefs with the products they needed as their careers took them from country to country throughout the world.

Classic Fine Foods was bought by Metro in 2015, the leading international specialist in wholesale. Metro operates in 35 countries and employs more than 150,000 people worldwide.

Classic Fine Foods’ success is based on the team’s finely honed spirit of entrepreneurship and the very close relationships it forms with customers and suppliers all over the world.


We work hard at sourcing great value, innovative and artisan products to meet our customers’ needs.

We partner with brands and businesses that are as passionate about food as we are and who provide exceptional, unique gourmet products, from local gastronomic jewels to rare and seasonal offerings.

We aim to enhance every cooking and dining experience with products such as Caviar, Truffles, Smoked Salmon, Beef, Bellota Iberico Ham, Grand Chocolates, Vanilla, Fruit Purees, Pastry Decoration, Fine Dining Water, Tea and more.

Why Pâtissier Chocolate?

We choose Pâtissier Chocolate for the knowledge and advice from their team. The quality and the price of the Pâtissier Chocolate range allow us in Vietnam to have an amazing brand who fit perfectly into our portfolio. This is the best quality chocolate into this price range on our market. It allows us to compete well with local chocolate brands as Vietnam is also a country who produce chocolate.


4 Branches:

Ho Chi Minh Office

Lot Vb.17b-19-21a, Street 22A, Tan

Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Dong Ward,

District 7,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 28 3740 7104/05

Hanoi Office

1/196 Nguyen Son Street,Bo De Ward,

Long Bien District,Hanoi City, Vietnam

+84 24 3873 6079/ 80

Da Nang Office

C4-6 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Tho Quang

Ward, Son tra District

Da Nang City, Vietnam

+84 236 3873 664/ 665 /666

Phu Quoc Office

Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc,

Kien Giang, Vietnam

+84 983 400 065

E-commerce platform Classic Deli :

Monthly Distributor Chef Highlight: Chef Huỳnh Yến Nhi (Huynh Yen Nhi)

What was your background and journey of growth?

Opus, a renowned dessert shop, embarked on its journey in October 2022 following a period of tranquility amidst the pandemic. The founders (Chef Huynh Yen Nhi is one of the founders) , who were formerly colleagues at Classic Fine Foods, a prestigious fine food distributor in Sai Gon, fostered a shared passion for indulging in exquisite pastries and fine cuisine. Having amassed seven years of experience working together, they resolved to transform their dream into reality by establishing Opus, a venture aimed at crafting exceptional pastries for a wide clientele.

Why did you choose to use Pâtissier Chocolate?

Having had the opportunity to visit the Pâtissier by Aalst Chocolate factory five years ago and gain in-depth knowledge of their manufacturing processes, we have come to appreciate the exceptional qualities of Pâtissier chocolate. This renowned brand consistently produces chocolate with a delightfully silky-smooth texture and an indulgent cocoa taste.

Among the wide range of Pâtissier Chocolate products, their Single Origin chocolates hold a special place in my heart, particularly when it comes to pastry creations. These chocolates possess a distinctive characteristic that sets them apart from other commercially available options, thereby enhancing the final products' overall appeal.

In addition, Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan cocoa butter stands out as a highly convenient and odor-free ingredient readily available in the market. The small button-shaped format facilitates precise measurement and effortless melting, eliminating any loss that may occur during chopping or processing.

Overall, the superior quality, unique characteristics, and practical advantages offered by Pâtissier Chocolate make it a preferred choice for discerning professionals in the culinary industry.

  • Recipe: HER MAJESTY TÔ


Honey Biscuit

Almond powder 360g

Brown sugar 90g

Cornstarch 30g

Honey 195g

Whole egg 390g

Egg yolks 165g

  1. Mix everything together with a whisk and pour on a baking tray.

  2. Bake at 160°C 8 to 10 minutes.

  3. Cool down and cut with circle cutter 3cm

Orange Marmalade

Fresh orange 144g

Yuzu puree 38g

Blood orange puree 76g

Sugar 110g

Pectin NH 4g

Orange Liqueur 4g

Gelatin mass bloom 200 15g

  1. Wash the fresh oranges. Blanch them in boiling water with salt 3-5 times to extract the bitterness. The last time boiling, make sure the oranges are tender. Cut oranges into small pieces and remove seeds.

  2. Mix sugar with pectin NH and whisk directly in cold fruit purees.

  3. Put in food processor cooked oranges and puree mixture. Blend everything until smoothens.

  4. Pour out to a saucepan and boil for 1 minute to activate the pectin.

  5. Turn off heat, add gelatin mass, and mix well.

  6. Cool down. Pour into silicon mould Silikomart Truffle 40. 11g/pc.

Beer Cremeux

Amber beer 281g

Whipping cream 117g

Egg yolks 78g

Sugar 39g

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture 250g

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Cocoa Butter 66g

Gelatin mass bloom 200 43g

  1. Whisk sugar with egg yolks until pale.

  2. Boil whipping cream and pasteurised egg mixture with cream to 83°C.

  3. Pour the custard onto white chocolate, cocoa butter and gelatin mass. Blend until smoothens.

  4. Add beer at the end and blend again.

  5. Keep in chiller for 6 hours for cocoa butter to crystalise properly before piping on top of the marmalade. 26g/pc.

Italian Meringue

Egg whites 131g

Sugar 199g

Water 79g

  1. Cook sugar and water to 118°C.

  2. While sugar syrup at 110°C, start whisking the egg whites a little foamy.

  3. Pour sugar syrup at 118°C into egg white whisking at the same time.

  4. Whisk everything until the meringue is at room temperature.

Bergamot Mousse

Bergamote puree 466g

Sugar 35g

Gelatin mass bloom 200 103g

Italian meringue 373g

Whipping cream 373g

  1. Melt sugar and gelatin mass in a part of bergamote puree. Add leftover cold

  2. bergamote puree. Put aside.

  3. Mix half of soft whipped cream with meringue.

  4. Pour the bergamote mixture to the whipped cream and fold.

  5. Add the rest of meringue and fold.

  6. Pour in silicon mould Silikomart Truffle 120. 40g/pc.

Mascarpone Chantilly

Mascarpone 163g

Whipping cream 381g

Sugar 54g

Vanilla extract 11g

Gelatin mass bloom 200 30g

  1. Melt sugar and gelatin mass in a part of whipping cream.

  2. Put the rest of ingredients together and blend with hand blender.

  3. Keep in chiller overnight before use.


Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture 700g

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Cocoa Butter 150g

Sunflower oil 150g

  1. Melt and blend everything together.

  2. Keep at 40°C and dip the frozen cake in.


  1. Make the insert with orange marmalade and beer cremeux. Keep frozen.

  2. Make the bergamote mousse. Pour in silicon mould and add the insert.

  3. Cover with the honey biscuit. Keep frozen.

  4. Make the coating, heat to 40°C and dip the frozen cake in 1-2 times, remove air bubble as soon as possible.

  5. To make the cat's ears, temper some Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture and make a chocolate shell using a tear drop mould.

  6. Leave it to crystalize. Remove the shell from the mould and use a hot knife to trim the shell in half, keep the pointy end for the ears.

  7. Glue the ear on the frozen and coated cake by rubbing the chocolate eat quickly on the hot surface and immediately stick on top of the cake

  8. Keep in freezer for 10-15°C before spraying coloured coating mixture as photo shown.

  9. Whip up mascarpone chantilly. Using round nozzle 1cm pipe 2 round dots in the front to create the mouth.

  10. Melt some Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan Dark 70% Chocolate and pipe small dots on top and in middle of the mouth to create the nose.

  11. Melt some Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture and pipe straight lines to create the cat's whiskers. Decorate 3pcs each side.

What is your inspiration behind creating the above recipe?

The creation of my recipes is fueled by a boundless array of inspirations sourced from various origins. I hold a profound appreciation for the artistry of classic pastries, which I derive great pleasure from reimagining and presenting in innovative forms. Furthermore, my inspiration emanates from the sensory experiences derived from the consumption of diverse foods and beverages, as well as the endearing idiosyncrasies of my feline companion. In the case of a particular cake, it is fashioned by harmoniously blending the essence of a previously sampled beverage—consisting of beer and citrus syrup—resulting in a unique flavor profile. To further imbue the cake with personal flair, I crafted it in the likeness of my cherished and occasionally cantankerous cat.

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