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Monthly Distributor Highlight (July): Classic Fine Foods Indonesia

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Introducing Classic Fine Foods Indonesia ,our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in Indonesia.


The Classic Fine Foods philosophy is simple – to bring you, the very best from around the world. We are the only fine foods specialist to operate in 11 different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Our mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style.

Classic Fine Foods started in 2007 in Indonesia and our head office is in Jakarta and we have one branch for Bali. We started to deliver Bandung and Surabaya cities lately. Our customers are 5 stars’ hotels, fine dining restaurants and premium pastry & bakery shops.

Why Pâtissier Chocolate?

We decided to launch Pâtissier Chocolate in 2017 and we launched the products in May 2018.

Beside the quality of the products, we love the technical solutions brought by Pâtissier Chocolate: couvertures, chocolate and compounds. This extensive range can fit all the technical needs of our pastry chefs while matching their budget and our tropical weather.

Furthermore the technical support from Pâtissier Chocolate - Chef Gerald Maridet has been invaluable, assisting us during customer visits, private or group demo and even for events.


Jakarta Office:

Kompleks Pergudangan BGR, Jl. Boulevard BGR no.1, Kelapa Gading Barat, Jakarta 14240

+62 21 4584 8040

Bali Office:

Jl. Kebo Iwa Selatan no.30 Br. Lepang, Padangsambian

Kaja, Denpasar Barat, Denpasar Bali 80117

+62 361 735125

Past Events

8 Hands Afternoon Tea @ The Westin Jakarta on 7th of November 2021 with Chef Enggie from The Westin Jakarta, Chef Anggara from Four Points by Sheraton Jakarta and Chef Siti from Nicole’s Chocolaterie.

Launch Event in Surabaya on of November @ Igor Pastry on 21st of November 2021

Afternoon Tea @ the brand new Andaz Bali, a concept by Hyatt on 7th of December 2021

Monthly Distributor Chef Highlight: Chef Michael Pujianto

Chef Michael 's Instagram: @aratmalekim @flock.bali

  • What was your background and journey of growth?

I always dream of becoming a chef in order to enjoy different cuisines and style of food. Before I decided to pursue a culinary career, I attended a management school. I realised my passion for cooking was getting stronger thus I moved to Bali, Indonesia to attend the culinary school. I did my internship with Bulgari Hotel and Resort Bali under Chef Andrew Skinner and Maurizio Bombini and then I was hired as a Chef in Bulgari Hotel ( Il Ristorante) under Chef Nicola Russo, Fabrizio Crocetta and Luca Fantin. I won some awards under the Bulgari Umbrella (Silver Medal in Salon Culinaire 2014, 1st Winner of Hello Bali 2015, 2 Gold Medals in Salon Culinaire 2016). Then in December 2017-March 2018, I went to W Maldives for a task force. In 2020, I feel the need to move back to Bali and started working in Flock, in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

  • Why did you choose to use Pâtissier Chocolate?

I feel like Pâtissier Chocolate's range is very suitable for my and restaurant needs. It covers a huge range of variety and suits my style and my taste profile on dishes that i created. It has a balanced flavor and of very good quality overall.

  • Recipe: Matcha Choux with Pâtissier Chocolate



Milk 125g

Cream 125g

Butter 100g

Flour Cake 150g

Sugar 37g

Salt 2.5g Egg 250g


1. Boil Milk, Cream and Butter together before adding in the dried ingredients.

2. Whisk till incorporate well. Transfer to a kitchen aid bowl.

3. Add the Eggs slowly and mix.

4. Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes.


Ingredients: Butter 240g

Brown Sugar 300g

Flour 270g

Steps: 1. Mix, then flatten on top of silpat before cutting with ring cutter.

2. Place on top of the choux dough before baking.

Matcha Cream

Matcha Custard Milk 500g

Sugar (1) 60g

Vanilla Beans 0,5 pcs

Sugar (2) 40g

Egg Yolks 120g

Custard Powder 40g

Matcha Powder 50g Butter 50g


1. Mix all ingredients except the butter, and bring to boil while whisking until it thickens.

2. Mix with mixer with paddle attachment and add the Butter until it cools down.

3. Set aside store in a fridge

White Chocolate Mousse

Whipped Cream 100g

Melted Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture 100g


1. In a double boiler/ bain marie, melt Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture.

2. Set aside until it reach 40°C, and while you cools down the chocolate, whip the cream until medium consistency.

To make the filling :

100g Matcha Custard

100g White Chocolate Mousse

Mix well, and put inside piping bag.

Matcha Glaze

Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture 120g

Vegetable Oil 40g

Almonds (Chopped) 60g Matcha Powder 15g


1. In a double boiler/ bain marie, mix all ingredients till Pâtissier Chocolate Artisan White 32% Couverture melts and everything incorporate well


Make a hole in a bottom side of the choux, fill it with the matcha filling that has been prepared, and top it with the matcha glaze.

  • What is your inspiration behind creating the above recipe?

I dreamt of being a pastry chef but i decided to join a fine dining kitchen instead. As i really enjoyed eating sweets and my favourite is choux/profiteroles! Choux can impress a lot of people (including me) when it is done right. For this recipe, I gave my own rendition of choux with crunchy croquelin with light yet flavourful filling, topped with liquid chocolate .

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