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Monthly Distributor Chef Highlight: Chef Assistant Tan Su Tian

Introducing Chef Tan Su Tian, one of the chefs in our Pâtissier Chocolate's team.

What was your background and journey of growth?

An outgoing person, Su Tian enjoys travelling and shopping. She joined Aalst Chocolate in March 2022, and had a Certificate of Unit Credit Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision by the City and Guild of London Institute. In addition, she has also gained an award on Barista Skill before starting work here. During her free time, she also like to chill out with friends. She is now committed to furthering her pastry skills.


Aalst Chocolate Appreciation Dinner - Food Hotel Asia, Singapore September 2022

Thoughts on using Pâtissier Chocolate as an ingredient?

If you are a pastry chef like me, you will love Pâtissier Chocolate’s extensive range of gourmet chocolate! These include flavors like caramel and fruitiness, which can effortlessly be incorporated into dessert creations.

  • What is your inspiration behind in creating the recipes?

White Garden: I wanted to create a petit four that’s draw attention and focus on using intricate decoration layout, so I chose to use a circle as theme for the design.

Easter Bunny: This dessert is not only cute, but also ready for the upcoming easter festival! Within the chocolate bunny, the layers of milk chocolate, sour berries jelly and sponge will be a tasty surprise for all.

  • Recipe 1: White Garden

  • Recipe 2: Easter Bunny

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