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At Aalst, Your Trust, is truly Our Pride. It is crucial to us that our clients and stakeholders trust not only our products, but our entire corporate body. To uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, we have in place a set of well-defined policies and processes to enhance corporate performance and accountability, as well as to protect the interests of stakeholders. The Board of Directors is responsible for Aalst Chocolate's corporate governance standards and policies.



Corporate Governance Structure:


Code of Conduct:



Each and every one of us must open our minds to new ideas for products, and to new ways of doing business.



Each and every one of us will be honest, trustworthy and open in all our business relationships and activities.


Customer Focus

Each and every one of us will strive to provide products and services of superior value through our business / professional partnerships with every customer.



Each and every one of us will strive to create an organization in which we all feel enthusiastic, committed and proud to be part of.



We will constantly look for improved levels of performance; each and every one of us will seek to be proactive and productive by reacting quickly and reducing costs wherever possible.

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