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Cacao Ivory
Cacao Ivory
Cacao Ivory
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Quality & Reliability at Competitive Value: With Cacao Ivory, you can be assured that your creations are one step closer to reality. Our chocolate helps you to concentrate on what matters, producing the greatest flavours imaginable. With carefully sourced ingredients from all corners of the globe together with specially crafted recipes, Cacao Ivory meets the needs and demands of producers in the bakery industry.



We offer both soft and hard set coatings with various levels of cocoa, fat and viscosity. These finely crafted recipes offers perfect and flawless finishes to your products. Some recipes are specially formulated for versatility and can be used for both fillings and moulding.  



Dark, milk and white chocolate is available as both cold and bake-stable fillings. Regardless of whether the filling is an injectable or bake stable one, each chocolate recipe is specifically crafted to make your customers come back for more. 



To offer a touch of visual delight and intense bursts of flavour, add a liberal sprinkling of chocolate decoration to your products. We offer chips and chunks in milk, dark, white and twin versions to cater to all your needs. 



Pick from our wide range of cocoa powders to suit your applications, or use our cocoa butter to bring out that melt-in-your-mouth feeling in your chocolate

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