From bake-stable fillings that will retain their taste and texture on the shelf to special twin chips that add delightful bursts of flavour to cookies and ice cream, we have chocolate for all major applications. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to help you choose the best chocolate for your requirements or even develop customised recipes that will help distinguish your product from the competition.


We believe in proving both quality products and services. So whether you are a producer of ice cream or a baker seeking to introduce a new line of delicious and unique treats, our development team is ready to offer their technical support to help you make the right choices and get the best results from our chocolate.


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Chocolate for use in biscuits and bakeries must withstand rigorous processing conditions in lines that run at high speeds as well as extreme temperatures. We offer chocolate in various levels of viscosity, ingredient composition and functionalities to meet the needs of high volume industrial baking plants where performance and reliability are vital.




Delivering tastes and textures that will win the favour and loyalty of buyers, our chocolate is formulated and processed to look, taste and feel good in your confectionery applications. Special flavoured compounds are also available to complete your range of sweet offerings.



Use our chocolate to create clean, crisp coatings for your ice cream and frozen confections. Add a final touch of visual delight to your products with our single and twin chips. Ice cream cones also receive superior protection from moisture with our premium spray coating.

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