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Aalst Food Service

Your Masterpiece, Our Pride - It’s all about fulfilling your ideas, and what you can accomplish with your creativity. Aalst Chocolate proudly presents the new Pâtissier, a premier range that offers chefs and gourmet artisans the power to inspire and delight even the most demanding food lover.


From meticulous selection of the best cocoa worldwide, to an over 150-years old process and state-of-art technology, Pâtissier provides consistent yet creative blends in all its chocolate ingredients fulfilling your desire to create the most irresistible masterpiece. By bringing pride and joy to those who appreciate uniqueness and reliability in all forms of chocolate creation, Pâtissier fills the gourmet world with confidence and success.



For those who hold themselves to the highest standard of culinary artistry, the Artisan range offers the superb quality expert chefs demand to create the absolute taste sensation. Containing pure cocoa butter, ranging from strong, full bodied cocoa note to mid-range savor, the richness of Artisan chocolate offers precision to design the highly specific flavors and textures that impress and delight.



The Gourmand range is designed to offer ease and flexibility for the most inspired baker. Praised for its simple yet versatile composition, the Gourmand’s compound chocolates are easy to temper, fit for wide applications and possess longer shelf lives.


Its assorted range of textures and viscosity helps busy professionals like you save time so that the most delectable desserts and divine confections are created spontaneously.

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