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Family Shot - Chocolate
Family Shot - Compound

Over the past decade, Aalst Chocolate has grown into an award-winning industry leader, providing trusted service and best quality products to countless businesses and chefs. With pride and joy, we invite you to soar to greater heights in chocolate creation with us.

Paying homage to the Belgian city of Aalst, a town famous for its chocolate and other speciality products. The bakery range designed by Aalst Chocolate illustrates historic monuments and buildings of Aalst, The Schepenhuis (Aldermen's House) & Belfry of Aalst; the former Townhall and the longest serving in Belgium since the 12th Century, the Statue of Dirk Martens; a well-known editor and publisher from Aalst & its current City Hall in its branding.

The art of baking has been around for thousands of years, however with the improvement in technology and innovation the baking industry has grown steadily over the years and is expected to expand even more in the future. Hence, Aalst Chocolate have meticulously crafted this range of chocolate products to meet its mission of making your bakery products stand out from the crowd.

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