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Monthly Distributor Highlight (September): Classic Fine Foods Singapore

Introducing Classic Fine Foods Singapore ,our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in Singapore.


The Classic Fine Foods philosophy is simple – to bring you, the very best from around the world. We are the only fine foods specialist to operate in 11 different countries across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Our mission is to source and bring exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products to the most demanding chefs around the world, whatever their type of cuisine and cooking style.

Classic Fine Foods Singapore started in 2001 and has become a leader in the industry, offering high quality products to the best restaurants hotels and central kitchens, the most prestigious department stores, and gourmet food outlets. We partner with brands and business that are passionate about food and who are providing exceptional, unique gourmet products.

Why Pâtissier Chocolate?

We are proud to showcase Pâtissier Chocolate as a brand that is made in Singapore. The quality couvertures and compound products made with sustainable ingredients bring great value to our customers and their creations. With the factory conveniently located in Tuas, chefs can visit the factory for a tour and attend demos and tastings right where the products are made, making it truly a valuable experience for the customer


Singapore Office:

7A Chin Bee Drive Singapore 619858

+65 6501 5555

Past Events

Classic Fine Foods Sustainable Brunch (June 2022) @ Sofitel Sentosa Singapore

Monthly Distributor Chef Highlight: Chef Virginia Tan from Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore

  • What was your background and journey of growth?

Pastry Chef, Virginia Tan was a Shatec student in 2000 and started her career in pastry in 2002. Fondly known as Chef V, she joined Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore in 2019 and created many gastronomic indulgences for the hotel's guests and colleagues.

Special Awards (Local & International):

  • 2012 FHA2012 The gourmet team Challenge Singapore National team - gold medal

  • 2011 HOFEX 2011 The Gourmet Team Challenge Singapore National Team -gold medal

  • 2008 Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2nd runner up

  • 2007 Award of Excellence World Gourmet summit Caoco Barry Patisserie Scholarship - finalist

  • What is your culinary philosophy?

Pastry and Dessert is about the 3 ”T”:

-Taste, Texture and Temperature

  • Why did you choose to use Pâtissier Chocolate?

Pâtissier Chocolate is the prefect ingredient for my creations. As wholesome as it is delicious, it can be used in any bakeshop delights.

  • Recipe: Red Peony Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake with Pâtissier Chocolate

Red Peony Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake - Dark Chocolate Sacher Sponge

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