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Debuting the Pâtissier Chocolate Hands-On Demo in Dubai

On September 27th, Dubai witnessed an exciting culinary event as Maison du Chef opened its doors to host the very first Pâtissier Chocolate Hands-On Demo. This milestone event was made possible in partnership with our valued distributor, Bakers Mart. To create a buzz, we began by sharing teaser videos across various media platforms.

We meticulously selected seven participants based on their media presence and their enthusiasm for working with chocolate. These individuals embodied a passion for the art of chocolate-making.

Key Highlights:

1. **Seven Exquisite Recipes:** The heart of the event was a collection of seven recipes that delved deep into the delicate art of tempering chocolate. Attendees were introduced to both the marble and seeding tempering techniques, revealing the secrets to achieving the perfect temper.

2. **Unveiling Pâtissier Chocolate:** A highlight of the event was a captivating presentation about the production and origins of Pâtissier Chocolate by Aalst, a renowned brand under the Cargill umbrella. This presentation offered valuable insights into the heritage and quality that defines these exceptional chocolates.

The Pâtissier Chocolate Hands-On Demo delivered a significant boost to our brand's exposure. Our range of couverture chocolates played a pivotal role in enriching the experience, allowing participants to explore the diverse flavors and profiles of each chocolate.

Thanks to the feedback received directly from our participants, we are excited about future collaborations. We are committed to supporting our distributor, Bakers Mart, by organizing more classes in the future. This partnership isn't just about expanding our client base; it's about fostering lasting connections with chocolate enthusiasts and budding pâtissiers.

In conclusion, the inaugural Pâtissier Chocolate Hands-On Demo at Maison du Chef in Dubai was a resounding success, and there's more to come. As we continue to share the art of chocolate-making, we anticipate building a community of passionate connoisseurs and pushing the boundaries of chocolate craftsmanship. Below are some highlights of session:

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Yassmine Awadi
Yassmine Awadi
Apr 18


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