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Pâtissier Demonstration in Taiwan

We invited M.O.F. Chef Bruno Pastorelli to be our Guest Demonstration Chef for a demo session on 29 November in Taiwan with our local distributor La Creacion Co. Ltd.

During the demonstrations, M.O.F. Chef Bruno showed the guests how to use our Patissier product in various application and desserts. Guests were able to taste the quality of Pâtissier chocolate in every bite with the beautiful and impressive dessert spread done with Chef Jacques Poulain, Vice President of Food Service & Corporate Chef. This further highlights that Pâtissier are perfect for chefs who need to customise different flavours and specific textures for their chocolate creations.

A big thank you to La Creacion Co. Ltd for hosting us and also our guests who attended the demonstration.

Below are some highlights of the demonstration:

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