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Pâtissier Launch in Saudi Arabia

In partnership with our distributor Ahmad A Abed (AAA) Trading Est (Bakemate), Aalst Chocolate launched our range of Pâtissier products in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 25 and 28 September respectively. Pâtissier is a premium food service range that offers chefs and gourmet artisans the power to inspire and delight even the most demanding food lover.

Our Corporate Chef & Vice President of Food Service Pâtissier, Jacques Poulain was there to do a demonstration for the invited guests; showing techniques to make madeleines, ganache, mousse, coating, glazing and lollipops. Guests were able to taste the deserts and be assured of the quality of Pâtissier chocolate.

We would like to say a big thank you to our distributor Ahmad A Abed (AAA) Trading Est (Bakemate) and all the guests who attended the prestigious event.

Below are some highlights of the event: Jeddah (25 August 2016):

Riyadh (28 August 2016):

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