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Pâtissier Chocolate in Food & Hospitality Oman​ 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Pâtissier Chocolate is proud to participate in the Food & Hospitality Oman​ 2022 that was held from 26th to 28th September 2022 in collaboration with Baker’s Mart, our Pâtissier Chocolate's exclusive supplier in the United Arab Emirates and Oman area.

The event was smaller than expected/promised as many brands pulled out, but it wasn’t that way! 3000+ people attended the fair during the 3 days, with a lot of enthusiasm and will to discover our brand and offering. 70% of the visitors were from the Food Service industry (remaining were home bakers, which still is a growing industry) and more than 80% of them underline the need of having such brand in the country and having it available.

Our Pâtissier Chocolate Pastry Chef, Chef Abdellah Tougda shared his knowledge in creating beautiful and delicate chocolate desserts twice daily. Visitors were able to taste the creations and be assured of the quality of Pâtissier chocolate. Our sales team also gave an in-depth introduction about the brand and existing product range.

Overall it was a successful show to increase awareness of our product range in Oman!

Below are some highlights of the event:

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