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The Aalst team of Chefs and Chocolatiers are representative of the company as a whole, international, passionate and driven. Marrying traditional chocolate techniques with modernist flair, they are determined to ensure that our pursuit of excellence extends from Singapore to your palate, wherever you may be. With Aalst supplying quality chocolate to over 45 countries worldwide, from Australia to Yemen, it is their pleasure to craftting the flavors which will ignite your creativity.
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Chef Jacques Poulain realized his passion for pastry as he helped his father around in his pastry shop in France since childhood. Having more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, he has served some of the most prestigious and recognized celebrities with the best pastry team and also tasted the most exquisite cocoa profiles around the globe.


After starting his own business and working in many luxurious hotel chains, Chef Jacques joined Aalst Chocolate in March 2016 as Aalst’s Corporate Chef & Vice President of Pâtissier.



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Having over 16 years of professional experience in the culinary scene , Chef Ian Wong Hong Chong has worked in both hot and cold kitchens at various prestigious establishments. Since starting his role as a Chef De Partie in charge of doing pastry in year 2000, he has cultivated his passion in dessert creations and pastry. His culinary knowledge and training enables him to create a wide variety of exquisite cakes, desserts and baked goods.

Chef Ian joined Aalst Chocolate in August 2015 as Aalst’s Pastry Chef and has numerous experiences in doing global demonstrations for Pâtissier, Aalst’s Food Service Brand.



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Born and raised in the pottery capital of Morocco, Chef Abdellah seems to gain a passion for baking day-by-day from the smell of bread and pastries in his father's bakery. Since then, he has decided to pursue a culinary career. Upon graduating with a Diploma as a Technician Boulanger Patisserie, Chef Abdellah worked in various business from hotels, restaurants, airline catering to hypermarkets in Morrocco to United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the past 10 years in order to expand his culinary knowledge.

To continue pursuing his passion, Chef Abdellah joined Aalst Chocolate in May 2022 as Aalst's Pastry Chef.


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